Frequently asked questions

SpacesGenie is an online marketplace that connects brands, concepts and ideas with spaces for Pop Ups. In other words, it is a listing platform for rental of short term commercial spaces. Brands, concepts and ideas that want to rent a space for creating short term experiences connect with us to find their ideal space to Pop Up. Various ideas are connecting to rent short-term spaces on SpacesGenie as we speak.
After registering with SpacesGenie, users can enquire with a single or a multiple spaces directly using our customized filters. All enquires are free of charge. If a space’s owner or manager likes your proposal, they can make you an offer for Pop-ping up (short term rental). Rental agreements on SpacesGenie are based on the landlord’s specifications, however these are usually customized through a conversation between the user and space owner. Both the user and space owner must agree to terms for a tenancy to be formalized.
While reaching out to space owners, users seeking to utilize the SpacesGenie platform are advised to include a profile of their business, with necessary information. Why? By making your business a destination on SpacesGenie, you are helping build a transparent and trustworthy platform. You don't have to spend a lot of time validating credentials. Even if your business is just you, there should be ways for you to showcase your business history and the uniqueness of your product or service looking to Pop Up.
Yes, absolutely. Whether you're art, retail, f&b, events, e-commerce venture, community, charity or business focused, we have unique spaces in many different categories. As long as your project is short-term, with a pre-determined Pop In and Pop Out date, you can find space on SpacesGenie. Its really that simple.
We have a great team of ‘Genies’ that get in touch with everyone that signs up with SpacesGenie. Every space you see has a confirmed and/or verified addresses, and every business is verified via an email address and phone number. While it is not possible for us to validate the readiness and follow-through of every business, we provide the necessary tools to help you make the best decisions possible before initiating contact. Look for the business profiles on projects and spaces. One way is to check is through the Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram connections. The world-wide-web is a valuable way to learn more about a business.
Globally, landlords, property owners, agents etc. are embracing short-term and pop-up arrangements. The reasons vary significantly. However, most commonly the flexibility, speed and variety provided by renting space for short intervals is considered relatively favorable to slower and cumbersome long leases. We believe the time is right for brands and ideas to Pop Up and SpacesGenie intends to be the market leader in this space. Many e-commerce ventures too are opening Pop Ups to connect with their customer on a one on one basis.
The spaces on SpacesGenie are managed directly by agents, landlords and/or owners. When you send or receive a message on SpacesGenie, you are communicating directly with someone on the other side that can quickly facilitate a short term rental agreement or contract.
We are a creative, multidisciplinary, highly motivated, passionate customer focused team looking to build tools for tomorrow's big businesses. Our online and offline platform is able to provide end to end solutions in an efficient manner, where we can comprehensively assist entrepreneurs make billions of new ideas turn into reality. We offer a wide range of value added services that will assist users to Pop Up Space, Quickly! To learn about our value added services, please email us at support@spacesgenie.com
It is quite simple – all searches are based on our customized filters. To list your space, please click on the "List The Space" button. To search for space, please click on the “Find The Space” button. If you have any questions please email us at support@spacesgenie.com.
We showcase all of our spaces on our space search pages. We also share curated spaces on our newsletter on a monthly basis. If you create an account, you'll be signed up automatically. You may also discover some of the incognito spaces on SpacesGenie by creating a project and making sure you have a robust business profile and space request.
We have an extensive database of brands, ideas and concepts that are looking for space to Pop Up. Once you've listed your first space, we’ll be able to search through our database to help find unique concepts to Pop Up in your space. Please feel free to get in touch with us should you be looking for a particular type of Pop Up brand/idea for your space and we will help you connect.
Our logo, press materials and press contact details are available. Please send us an email on support@spacesgenie.com.
For general questions, you can check out the rest of our FAQ. If you need help with technical problems or need any assistance whatsoever, please email us at support@spacesgenie.com
We take company and creative violations seriously. If you find that you are under copyright, trademark or any other kinds of creative violation, please send an email to legal@spacesgenie.com. Please include details of the violation, along with screenshots and a full description of the violation.
If you find that a property or project is misrepresented on SpacesGenie, send an email to support@spacesgenie.com. Include a description and if possible link to the content in question.
Ideally any brand or business with a history of trading is eligible to start a project and apply for space on SpacesGenie. You must have appropriate documentation and provision for trading, and this may also include a specific business visa or license if you are not a resident of that country. If you need any assistance, please contact us at support@spacesgenie.com
In short the answer is yes. Everything on SpacesGenie must be able to exist in a commercial space in a specific location. All projects need to have a specific start and end date.
Yes definitely! SpacesGenie is for any size of business, online or offline that is looking to rent a commercial shop for a short period of time. Businesses that want to grow their brand, expand to a new location, conduct market research, test a market, meet new customers, host flash sales etc. are ideal for SpacesGenie.
Spaces on SpacesGenie range from a day, a weekend, a week to a month or several months. Selectively, we can also assist with hourly rentals but these would need to be customized. Please email us at support@spacesgenie.com for more information on hourly rentals. Rental costs can vary dramatically, shortlist and get in touch with the spaces you love to find out more details. Depending upon which city, prices typically range from a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars.
Although, it is not the norm, but sometimes spaces are available rent-free, but this is subject to the space owner’s discretion. At times some spaces are given free of charge to host charity events / Pop Ups. And yes, these spaces go quickly! Most commonly you will still be expected to pay for setting up, service charges, utilities, moveable’s etc. or at times no fee is charged to you at all.
Spaces with high resolution photographs are more likely to succeed in leasing a Pop Up space. We highly recommend that you include them. All photographs should be of high resolution, and one of the following file types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif. We showcase your photos full-size, so the bigger the better! If you need any assistance with photography of your space or brand please let us know at support@spacesgenie.com and we will be glad to assist you.
Every space listed on SpacesGenie has a brief description of the space, amenities provided and also lists some house rules – do’s and don’ts. However, if you need more information please email support@spacesgenie.com
From the listing page you can send an inquiry to single or multiple spaces, or request more details. This is the quickest way to get in touch with a space you love.
You can find all of the details for a space on the main listing pages. This typically includes size (square footage), description, a rental rate, location, store rules, space layout etc. Spaces are encouraged to include as many supplementary details about the kinds of projects and tenants they are hoping to host.
After you send a message to the space you like, we let the space owner / manager know that you're interested in the space. If they do not check the message or respond within 24 hours, we'll remind them. If the space's manager likes the look of your project and accepts your offer, you are encouraged to make a booking as soon as possible, as spaces get booked fast.
Tenants want to see great photos of spaces, know the permissible usage and what amenities are available, see the layout of the space and understand any terms or conditions that apply. They also want detail of rates and rent, any reviews, along with operating hours (if any).
The typical cut-off for rental agreements on SpacesGenie is considered to be 364 days. However, most spaces are looking to rent between 1 - 3 months. But there are plenty of short events that range from 1-3 days or even a week, and typical longer tenancies range up to 6-9 months or more.
Your space details are shared only at your discretion if and when you choose to publicize them. Your space view must be public in order to receive direct inquiries from potential renters. We encourage you to list promptly.
Right now, we do not take on leases for any spaces directly. We provide a platform for connections and the initiation of contract or lease agreements. If you need help with anything beyond listing and tenant discovery, get in touch with us at support@spacesgenie.com
Yes, absolutely. We have no restrictions on who can list a space. The listed rental cost should reflect the full amount you expect to receive and the details of the transaction stay in your control. Whether a percentage of that is transferred to an agent or manager is your call.
We have a large variety of spaces. Spaces range from all or part of an empty shop, restaurant, bar or kiosk to unique and quirky spaces like bespoke kitchens, shopping malls, shelf spaces, exhibition spaces, derelict cinemas, atriums, yachts, vans, trucks, gardens - you name it, we have it !
Yes, definitely. All kinds of brands and ideas are looking for spaces, and some of them are interested in trying a new idea or a different location for the first time. Making your location available for short-term rental is providing an opportunity for unique business ideas and exciting shop concepts. It doesn't matter how big it is, or where it happens to be.
No. Listing your spaces on SpacesGenie is absolutely free.
The fastest agreements occur when costs and payment terms are simple and transparent. The key is understanding your market. Think about your ideal tenant and what budget they might have for rent. If there are other costs to your space, like business rates, taxes, security or bills, make sure you include them in your listing.